6 Meaningful Ways to Bless Your Pastor This Month

6 6 Meaningful Ways to Bless Your Pastor This Month

The following article was curated from the Faithlife blog.

October is Pastor Appreciation Month—the month each year where we put a little extra focus on serving our pastors.

Your pastors do so much for you, your church, and your community. In fact, a pastor recently mentioned, “I work with so many young men and women, and it’s all so consumer-driven . . . I think they forget that they can bless me, too.” With the amount of time and energy they give, how can you show them that you appreciate their ministry?

Here are six meaningful ways to bless your pastor this month:

1. Ask how you can pray for them

Your pastor prays for you all the time. How often do you pray for them?

Prayer is a powerful gift. Try ending the next discussion with your pastor by asking how you can pray for them. By doing this, you’ll show genuine concern for their well-being and spiritual health. It’s a reminder that we’re all part of the body of Christ, and they aren’t in this alone.

2. Offer to babysit

If your pastor has a young family, there’s nothing more rejuvenating than a day or night off. Send your pastor on a special date with their spouse. Next to God, it’s likely the relationship that will restore and bless them the most.

Offer to babysit

When you love your work, like most pastors do, it’s easy to get stuck at the office. When your work involves constantly being available to people, it’s even harder. If your pastor isn’t able to get out for a full night or weekend because of prior commitments, offer to watch the kids or dog for a couple hours while they get dinner and a movie on your wallet. Don’t forget to send them with some cash, a gift card, or a “date package” as a gift. The extra thoughtfulness will go a long way.

Plus, when they’re emotionally, mentally, and spiritually exhausted from serving others in the community, their family often gets the leftovers. Restore your pastor’s morale by giving him an evening (or a weekend) away so they can spend time alone with their spouse. You’ll likely find that they’ll come back excited to live, love, and lead their church family.

3. Help with the jobs they can’t find time for

Help with the jobs they can’t find time for

With your pastor’s busy schedule, there are likely a number of household tasks or errands that he doesn’t have time for. How could you offer a helping hand to serve and bless your pastor?

It certainly wouldn’t hurt to ask. And even if you spend less than an hour actually working, the gesture shows your pastor that you care enough about them to sacrifice your own time and energy.

4. Bake for them


Bake for them

Nothing says “thank you” more than a homemade plate of cookies.

Baking cookies for your pastor shows intentional gratitude. You gathered the ingredients, took the time to bake it, and brought it to them. And while you’re at it, why not double or triple your batch and serve other church staff as well? By providing your pastor and church staff with a tasty treat, it will remind them of the people they are serving when they’re hard at work.

5. Spend time with them outside of church

Pastors spend all kinds of time with people at church. But that all comes back to that “consumer-driven” environment, where pastors can feel like they’re constantly pouring themselves out, but not being poured into.

Ask your pastor to spend time with you outside of church. Depending on how well you know your pastor, you may want to take a hike, grab coffee or lunch, or visit a park. If your family is close with your pastor’s, you could even plan a combined family outing like a picnic.

Asking your pastor to spend time with you outside of church shows them you aren’t interested in just a transactional relationship. It means you appreciate them as a person, and you want to be their friend.

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