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Logos Cloud Thanksgiving sale

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Get 50% off any Logos Cloud annual
subscription today >>


Get powerful, affordable, subscription-based Bible study

We believe that powerful things happen when people study the Bible. That’s why our mission is to put Logos Cloud into the hands of everyone who is passionate about God’s Word.

Imagine combining a massive theological library with an easy to use Bible study app. With Logos Cloud, we’ve done just that. From the makers of Logos Bible Software, Logos Cloud provides the full functionality of Logos 6 with a unique collection of media and resources designed to meet the needs of everyday Christians and scholars alike.

  • Stay on track with daily devotionals,
  • Keep notes and insights in one place,
  • Share deep biblical insights,
  • Discover textual differences across ancient manuscripts,
  • Expose the structure of Hebrew poetry,
  • Identify the contextual meanings of Greek and Hebrew words,
  • … and so much more!


If you’re an academic, Logos Cloud’s advanced Bible study tools equip you to study the contextual meanings of Greek and Hebrew words, to find the biblical answers you need, and to better understand biblical meaning by studying Scripture in context. Plus, it will even cite your sources.

For the pastor, with powerful study tools and rich media, Logos Cloud was designed not only to help you discover new biblical insight, but also to help you better deliver that insight to your congregation. With Logos Cloud, you can build your presentation while you study, better understand cultural nuances, and conduct intense original-language study.

For the small group leader and passionate Christian, Logos Cloud gives you access to a digital, biblical library whenever, and wherever, you are. Get answers to your biblical questions, understand the meaning of passages and words in Scripture, and learn about biblical people, places, and events with rich visuals and stunning videos—all in Logos Cloud.

Get 50% off any Logos Cloud annual
subscription today >>