How to Create Quality Christian Images for Sermons, Blogs, and Social Media

How to Create Quality Christian Images for Sermons, Blogs, and Social Media

Curating quality content takes time. Whether you’re writing blog posts, preparing sermons, or managing social media for your church or ministry, you want to provide insights that matter to your audience.

Logos Cloud’s Visual Copy tool can help you find those insights and present them in visually compelling ways.

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Share meaningful Christian content

Your favorite Christian books are full of powerful quotes just waiting to be shared. Whether you’re reading casually or studying with a purpose, Visual Copy turns every reading experience into a treasure hunt for insight.

find Christian quotes with ease

Curate quotes for convenient blog posts

Writing and maintaining a blog requires a regular stream of quality content. Putting together quotes for a compelling blog post lets you curate, rather than generate, fresh content. The best part is, with the time you’ve already set aside for research, you can assemble your favorite quotes from a particular author, the best quotes you find on a specific topic, or weave them throughout your post using Logos Cloud’s Visual Copy tool.
With great quotes on visually appealing slides, you can let them speak for themselves, or you can provide your own unique commentary—either way, you can quickly create thought-provoking blog posts with relevant content.

turn quotes into blog posts

Pro tip: you can even use Visual Copy to emphasize your points and quote yourself—like this!

Create valuable social media posts

Having an active social media page can be a huge asset to your church or ministry, but keeping it active and valuable to your audience takes time. Whether you’re managing your ministries’ page, or just looking to inspire, encourage, and challenge the people who follow you, Visual Copy helps you create compelling quote images that are easy to read and share. If your church or ministry team is reading a book together, these quotes can be a great way to keep them engaged.
If you’re preaching through a topic or a book of the Bible, sharing quotes on social media can help remind your congregation about the current sermon series, or you can offer a thought-provoking preview of what’s coming on Sunday.

using social media for your church or ministry

Add relevant quote slides to your sermons

One of the beautiful things about preaching is that whatever topic you’re speaking has probably been covered before. There are centuries of tradition and interpretation you can access in your Logos Cloud subscription to help you craft a sermon that applies today to your church. This is the perfect opportunity to cite or quote those other scholars and pastors you’re referencing.
If you find a good quote while you’re studying and preparing for your sermons, you could scribble something on a sticky note to remind yourself to design a slide later, or you could just take a few seconds to highlight the quote, bring up Visual Copy, and choose a beautifully simple background for your quote. It only takes three easy steps, plus, you can even send it straight to Proclaim or PowerPoint and add it right to your sermon slides. Whatever topic you’re preaching, Logos Cloud makes it easy to find and share authoritative texts and unique insights for your sermons.

relevant quotes for your sermon

Find the best, most used quotes

Did you know that Logos can tell you the most frequently highlighted quotes of popular books in your library? It sure can! This isn’t an arbitrary list of favorite quotes. These are the quotes that are highlighted most often by people just like you. They’re the same sentences pastors highlight when they have that “aha” moment in their study. The same passages scholars highlight when they find the key point of a section, and the places where everyday Christians discover something new. Logos Cloud can even tell you how many times that passage has been highlighted by other users.

most used Christian quotes

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