How to Kickstart Your Next Season of Deep Spiritual Growth

How to Kickstart Your Next Season of Deep Spiritual Growth

Look back at the times in your life when you’ve learned the most. What do they all have in common?

Maybe you had more time to learn. Maybe you had better access to teachers, resources, or tools. Maybe you started something new, like a job, a class, or a reading group.

For example, if you attended college, several hours of your day were probably devoted to applying new concepts and stretching your thinking. But when you don’t have hours everyday to devote to your education, how do you keep growing?

Many Christians continue growing in their faith by attending conferences, taking on new service opportunities, joining small groups, or changing Bible study methods. Depending on the season of life you’re in, you might not have the time or money to make these commitments right now.

But that doesn’t mean you have to stop growing. You can start your next season of spiritual growth today. Here are two ways to get started:

1. Use the time you have

Whether you measure your spare time in minutes or hours, there are ways you can start growing in your faith right now. You have access to more information than some of the world’s best Bible scholars had just decades ago. What once took some of the world’s brightest people hours to find can now be found with just a few keystrokes. The trick is knowing where to look, and what information you can trust.

Logos Cloud lets you perform advanced biblical searches that normally take hours, in seconds. You could spend months working through books to learn something new, or, you could use Logos Cloud to search an entire theological library for a topic, passage, or concept. Cutting-edge tools organize biblical information in highly accessible ways so you can quickly skim a multitude of books, or dig deeper into a more thorough text.

2. Broaden your Bible study

Some people try to read the Bible like any other book. They start at the beginning and read until they get bored. You can grit your teeth and crawl through the Old Testament—it’s possible—but wouldn’t it be more enjoyable if you knew more about each book’s purpose, who it was for, and how it fits with the rest of the Bible?

To grow the most, try a variety of Bible study techniques and read a variety of books about the Bible. Sometimes you just need to add a little context to what’s happening to understand Scripture’s applications. You’d be surprised at how inspiration from outside sources can help you see the Bible in a completely new way.

3. Get started

Subscribing to Logos Cloud gives you access to a vast theological library, so no matter what direction your study takes you, you have the tools to get there.

Visualize the biblical world with rich media and detailed maps so you don’t get stuck looking at the Bible through modern eyes. Together, these tools help you organize Scripture in profound new ways, so you can kickstart your next season of spiritual growth.

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