How to Take Better Notes When You Read the Bible

How to Take Better Notes When You Read the Bible

One of the exciting parts of high quality Bible study is seeing the ways God’s Word connects. The Bible is constantly linking verses together and building on previous ideas, themes, and accounts. A good study Bible adds layers of study notes to help you see those connections more clearly, but if you’re the kind of person who takes notes, you know how valuable it is to trace your own thoughts throughout your Bible.

Logos Cloud brings your note-taking to a whole new level. Check it out:

Track your findings

Notes you make in Logos Cloud are connected to the verse reference, not the Bible translation, so your notes sync across all translations in your library. Most Bibles help you see when a verse is quoting from another passage, but with Logos Cloud, your Bible shows you all kinds of connections you’ve made yourself. You can pull up the Notes tab to quickly jump into your previous thoughts, or you can encounter them “in the wild” as you reread familiar passages.

Add your own thoughts

In-depth study Bibles can include thousands of articles from numerous contributors, all connected to relevant passages in your Bible. With the Notes feature in Logos Cloud, you can create your own in-depth study notes. Whether that’s a reflection on Scripture, insights into the Greek or Hebrew text, a sermon you wrote, or something else, you can organize your own thoughts and connect them to the Scriptures that triggered them.

Trace themes across the Bible

When you do word studies or identify themes throughout Scripture, Logos Cloud lets you link passages together so you can continue reaping the benefits of the time you invest in Bible study. After you dig through every verse on a topic or concept, you can connect them to a note that explains what you observed, or condense the list to your favorites, so you can easily jump between them. Whatever strategy you use to study the Word, these powerful note tools help you create unique, valuable connections and save them for later.

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