Master New Bible Study Skills with Our 27-day Challenge

Master New Bible Study Skills with Our 27-day Challenge

Give us 27 days and we’ll empower you with new Bible study skills and a better understanding of Matthew 4. In our new course, Learn Logos Cloud & Matthew 4, you’ll use the Observation, Interpretation, and Application Bible study method to analyze Matthew 4 while learning how to use the world’s most advanced Bible study software. And the best part is… the course is absolutely free. Start your free month of Logos Cloud and take the challenge today!

Take a look at everything we cover in Unit 1:

How does the challenge work?

The Logos Cloud 27-day Bible study challenge is composed of short videos, created for you to watch one video a day for 27 days. Each video teaches new Logos Cloud skills that will help you:

  • Find answers to your questions about the Bible
  • Understand meanings of passages and words in Scripture
  • Learn about biblical people, places, and events
  • Share biblical insights using rich visuals and stunning videos
  • … and so much more!

And it won’t take long! Each video is less than five minutes in length, and you’ll finish the course in less than one month with a deeper understanding of Matthew 4 and how to study the Bible.

How can I start the 27-day Bible study challenge?

It’s easy! Get started in three easy steps:

  1. Start your free month of Logos Cloud
  2. Install your software
  3. Watch one video a day and follow along in your software

Let’s get started! Subscribe, and take the challenge today!