Logos Cloud Resources Just Got Better: Enjoy December’s Book Update


Each month, the Logos Cloud team adds new books and media to your subscription at no added cost to you. That way, Logos Cloud never becomes old technology and you’re investing in a powerful Bible study software that grows with you.

This month’s additions bring even more power to Logos Cloud. You’ll see 750 Engaging Illustrations for Preachers, Teachers and Writers, various Princeton Theological Review volumes, Introduction to Systematic Theology, The Messages series, Greater Men and Women of the Bible series, Natural History series, Histories series, and so much more!

Starting this month, enjoy access to these books:


  1. HD Commentary: Romans


You get all the books from Essentials and:

  1. Touching the Hem: A Biblical Response to Physical Suffering
  2. Why Me?: Reasoning with God’s Sovereignty in the Midst of Suffering
  3. A Prayer Warrior’s Guide to Spiritual Battle: On the Front Line
  4. Christian Growth from A to Z: A Practical Discipleship Manual for Both New and Growing Christians
  5. Pastors and Deacons: Servants Working Together
  6. 1,500 Illustrations for Biblical Preaching
  7. Illustrations for Biblical Preaching
  8. 750 Engaging Illustrations for Preachers, Teachers and Writers


You get all the books from Essentials and Plus, and:

  1. Sacred Rhetoric: A Course of Lectures on Preaching
  2. Princeton Theological Review 1903, Vol. 1
  3. Princeton Theological Review 1904, Vol. 2
  4. Princeton Theological Review 1905, Vol. 3
  5. Princeton Theological Review 1906, Vol. 4
  6. Princeton Theological Review 1907, Vol. 5
  7. Princeton Theological Review 1908, Vol. 6
  8. Princeton Theological Review 1909, Vol. 7
  9. Princeton Theological Review 1910, Vol. 8
  10. Princeton Theological Review 1911, Vol. 9
  11. Princeton Theological Review 1912, Vol. 10
  12. Princeton Theological Review 1913, Vol. 11
  13. Princeton Theological Review 1914, Vol. 12
  14. Princeton Theological Review 1915, Vol. 13
  15. Princeton Theological Review 1916, Vol. 14
  16. Princeton Theological Review 1917, Vol. 15
  17. Princeton Theological Review 1918, Vol. 16
  18. Princeton Theological Review 1919, Vol. 17
  19. Princeton Theological Review 1920, Vol. 18
  20. Princeton Theological Review 1921, Vol. 19
  21. Princeton Theological Review 1922, Vol. 20
  22. Princeton Theological Review 1923, Vol. 21
  23. Princeton Theological Review 1924, Vol. 22
  24. Princeton Theological Review 1925, Vol. 23
  25. Princeton Theological Review 1926, Vol. 24
  26. Princeton Theological Review 1927, Vol. 25
  27. Princeton Theological Review 1928, Vol. 26
  28. Princeton Theological Review 1929, Vol. 27
  29. The Other Journal: Body
  30. The Other Journal: The Celebrity Issue
  31. The Other Journal: Evil
  32. The Other Journal: The Food and Flourishing Issue
  33. The Other Journal: Marxism
  34. The Other Journal: Prayer
  35. The Complete Works of Thomas Brooks, Volume 1
  36. The Complete Works of Thomas Brooks, Volume 2
  37. The Complete Works of Thomas Brooks, Volume 3
  38. The Complete Works of Thomas Brooks, Volume 4
  39. The Complete Works of Thomas Brooks, Volume 5
  40. The Complete Works of Thomas Brooks, Volume 6
  41. Introduction to Systematic Theology
  42. Manual of Christian Doctrine
  43. Summary of Christian Doctrine
  44. Quest for Spiritual Community: Reclaiming Spiritual Guidance for Contemporary Congregations
  45. Seeking the Truth of Change in the Church: Reception, Communion and the Ordination of Women


You get all the books from Essentials, Plus, and Premium, and:

  1. The Messages of the Apostles
  2. The Messages of the Earlier Prophets
  3. The Messages of Israel’s Lawgivers
  4. The Messages of Jesus according to the Synoptists
  5. The Messages of the Later Prophets
  6. The Messages of Paul
  7. The Messages of the Poets
  8. The Messages of the Prophetic and Priestly Historians
  9. The Messages of the Psalmists
  10. The Influence of Plato on Saint Basil
  11. The Influence of the Second Sophistic on the Style of the Sermons of St. Basil the Great
  12. St. Basil and Greek Literature
  13. St. Basil the Great: A Study in Monasticism
  14. St. Basil and His Rule: A Study in Early Monasticism
  15. St. Basil the Great to Students on Greek Literature with Notes and Vocabulary
  16. A Treatise on Baptism and A Treatise on Confirmation
  17. The Treatise of St. Bernard Abbat of Clairvaux: Concerning Grace and Free Will, Addressed to
  18. William, Abbat of St. Thierry
  19. Life and Works of Saint Bernard, Volume 1
  20. Life and Works of Saint Bernard, Volume 2
  21. St. Bernard of Clairvaux’s Life of St. Malachy of Armagh
  22. Saint Bernard on Consideration
  23. Saint Bernard on the Love of God
  24. The Greater Men and Women of the Bible: Adam–Joseph
  25. The Greater Men and Women of the Bible: Moses–Samson
  26. The Greater Men and Women of the Bible: Ruth–Naaman
  27. The Greater Men and Women of the Bible: Hezekiah–Malachi
  28. The Greater Men and Women of the Bible: Mary–Simon
  29. The Greater Men and Women of the Bible: St. Luke–Titus
  30. The Messages of the Apocalyptical Writers
  31. Natural History, Volume I: Books I–II
  32. Natural History, Volume I: Libri I–II: Latin Text
  33. Natural History, Volume II: Books III–VII
  34. Natural History, Volume II: Libri III–VII: Latin Text
  35. Natural History, Volume III: Books VIII–XI
  36. Natural History, Volume III: Libri VIII–XI: Latin Text
  37. Natural History, Volume IV: Books XII–XVI
  38. Natural History, Volume IV: Libri XII–XVI: Latin Text
  39. Natural History, Volume V: Books XVII–XIX
  40. Natural History, Volume V: Libri XVII–XIX: Latin Text
  41. Natural History, Volume VI: Books XX–XXIII
  42. Natural History, Volume VI: Libri XX–XXIII: Latin Text
  43. Natural History, Volume VII: Books XXIV–XXVII
  44. Natural History, Volume VII: Libri XXIV–XXVII: Latin Text
  45. Natural History, Volume VIII: Books XXVIII–XXXII
  46. Natural History, Volume VIII: Libri XXVIII–XXXII: Latin Text
  47. Natural History, Volume IX: Books XXXIII–XXXV
  48. Natural History, Volume IX: Libri XXXIII–XXXV: Latin Text
  49. Natural History, Volume X: Books XXXVI–XXXVII
  50. Natural History, Volume X: Libri XXXVI–XXXVII: Latin Text
  51. The Histories, Volume I
  52. The Histories, Volume I: Greek Text
  53. The Histories, Volume II
  54. The Histories, Volume II: Greek Text
  55. The Histories, Volume III
  56. Polybius: The Histories, Volume III: Greek Text
  57. The Histories, Volume IV
  58. The Histories, Volume IV: Greek Text
  59. The Histories, Volume V
  60. The Histories, Volume V: Greek Text
  61. The Histories, Volume VI
  62. The Histories, Volume VI: Greek Text

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