December’s Feature Update: What’s Coming Next in Logos Cloud


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If you’re already subscribe to Logos Cloud, thank you! We’re excited to let you know about the new features that are available in the next release of Logos Cloud, which will happen on, or around December 14.

New Testament Use of the Old Testament

NT Use of OT

This new interactive lets you explore how New Testament authors cite, quote, allude to, or echo Old Testament texts. Display both Old Testament and New Testament passages in multiple versions for quick comparison—including the Hebrew or Greek Old Testament and the Greek New Testament. Find the passage you’re looking for using faceted search options such as speaker, themes, events, places, or things.

Lemma in Passage Guide Section

Lemma in Passage Guide

The Lemma in Passage section of the Passage Guide scours your library for every occurrence of the original language lemma in the passage you want to investigate. Results are categorized according to the dictionary form of the word, and organized by resource. The Lemma in Passage guide identifies everywhere a word appears in your library. For instance, the Greek word “logos” appears in the context of a discussion about John 1:1—even in resources not explicitly about the Gospel of John.

How to get these new features

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