See This Month’s 5 New Logos Cloud Features (and Why They Benefit You)

See This Month’s 5 New Logos Cloud Features (and Why They Benefit You)

Every six weeks, we roll out new updates, features, datasets, tools, and more to Logos Cloud subscribers. No matter where you are in your Bible study, Logos Cloud is here to help you find your way faster, engage with scripture easier, and experience unbelievably powerful Bible study. Our top priority is to help you engage with the Word, and it’s so easy to get started with your first month free.

If you’re already subscribe to Logos Cloud, thank you! We’re excited to let you know about the new features that are available to you now.

Confessional Documents Guide Section


With the new Confessional Documents section in the Passage Guide, you can incorporate some of the most formative documents from church history into your Bible study.

Why this is important

See how every major creed, confession, and catechism treats the passage you’re studying. Search for Colossians 2:12 in the Passage Guide, open the Confessional Documents section, and find places where this passage is used in the discussion of Christology, Ecclesiology, and other standard theological categories.

Synopsis of Samuel, Kings, and Chronicles


As with a harmony of the Gospels, instantly compare parallel texts in Samuel, Kings, Chronicles, and other Old Testament passages to see how different authors narrate the same events and discover these authors’ unique emphases and purposes.

Bullinger’s Figures of Speech


For over 100 years, countless biblical interpreters have relied on Bullinger’s Figures of Speech Used in the Bible: Explained and Illustrated. But its sheer breadth makes it difficult to use.

Why this is important

We’ve transformed this classic resource into a searchable dataset so you can find everywhere a biblical author uses, for instance, metonymy–a figure of speech where a name or noun is used in place of another. Search for any figure of speech addressed in Bullinger and find relevant biblical passages.

Passage Lists Visual Filter


Now you can view your Passage Lists as visual filters within the biblical text. Expose only the verses you want to study—even if they aren’t a part of the same biblical book. Open all the cross references to John 1:1 in your favorite version. Or create your own custom list of verses to compare all the epistolary prescripts in Paul’s letters. And you won’t just get a static list—you get the full functionality of Logos right within the filtered text.

Proverbs Verse Art Collection


This exclusive media collection features brand new verse art based on some of the most beloved biblical Proverbs. Find them using your Media Browser, Factbook, Passage Guide, and anywhere else media appears in your software.

Old Testament Propositional Outlines update:

We’ve added Jeremiah, Lamentations, and Ezekiel to the Old Testament Propositional Outlines.

Don’t forget, Logos Cloud subscribers also enjoy access to the Logos Web App (beta) where we’re continuing to make improvements and add features and functionality.

How to get these new features

If you already subscribe to Logos Cloud, you don’t have to do anything! These features will be automatically added to your Logos Cloud software next time it syncs.

If you don’t have a Logos Cloud subscription but you’d like to know more? Start your free month today.

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