This Is The Easiest Way to Search Your Bible

Logos Cloud Everything Search

If you’re like many Christians, it’s hard to find what you’re looking for in a biblical search, especially if you have a number of books to wade through. In this post, you’ll find a much easier way to go about your Biblical searches.

Let’s say you’re preparing a study lesson for your Thursday night community group. In order to be fully prepared, you borrowed a few books from your pastor. He gave you a few resources on theology and Christian living, as well as a couple of biblical encyclopedias, reference works, and ancient language resources. Now you have everything you need to execute a thorough biblical search, but where do you start? Do you open up the index or flip through pages hoping to find a few keywords on your topic?

With Logos Cloud you have those same resources, but in an easily searchable digital format. Logos Cloud does away with endless page turning and dead-end searching. While using Logos Cloud’s Everything Search feature you will always have intuitive results and find exactly what you’re looking for.

With Everything Search, you can see what your biblical library has to offer on any topic. Logos Cloud gathers relevant information like Bible references, media, encyclopedia articles, references, maps, and more—giving you intuitive, efficient and powerful Bible study.

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Learn more about how to search your Bible using Logos Cloud’s Everything Search tool below:

1. Explore Helpful Resources

If you know the resource you want to open, simply search for the resource by typing it in the Everything Search bar. Your resource will then open and you can begin browsing.

2. Search for Biblical Concepts

Quickly search for any biblical concept like creation, sanctification, justification or anything that raises question. Locate information on biblical events, key characters, and topics about that concept. In one search, find related verses, commentary notes, related media and more that will help you find answers to your question.

3. Discover in Factbook

When you conduct an Everything Search, Logos also populates a list of suggested Factbook reports. Factbook is like an encyclopedia, pulling together visual and textual information from your library or a “one-stop-shop” that works with the Everything Search to help you discover a list of media, biblical events, key-verses, original language resources, dictionary links, and topic suggestions for deeper study.

4. Select Media Hits

In a matter of seconds, have hundreds of media resources available to you that address your  topic of interest. Explore Mobile Ed. courses, media collections, online results and atlas results.The search will also link you to media like the Psalms Explorer, available in Premium, or ancient texts from your library.

5. Explore Books Outside of Your Library

With an Everything Search, not only do you get results within your library, but you can also explore books outside of your library too. Preview a specialized set of books from that Logos has put online.

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