VIDEO: How to Stay On Track with Your Daily Devotionals

VIDEO: How to Stay On Track with Your Daily Devotionals

When it comes to daily devotionals, we each approach them differently.

Whether you begin each day by studying a passage from the Old Testament and one from the New Testament, working through a devotional book, or reading a different book each month, you’re probably looking for an easy way to stay on track.

No matter what your routine is, Logos Cloud helps you stay organized with custom reading plans, notes, highlights, and prayers. Let me show you how to stay on track and experience Scripture in profound new ways using Logos Cloud.

Watch this video, or follow the step-by-step instructions below:

Pick a reading plan, or create a custom plan that fits your schedule

Follow a predefined reading plan or setup a custom plan that fits your schedule and goals. For example, you can create a custom plan that aligns with this month’s sermon series, or your small group Bible study. To set up a custom plan, simply open the Documents Menu and choose “Reading Plan.”

Pick a reading plan, or create a custom plan

Choose your favorite Bible version, set goals, and instantly create a custom reading plan to stay on track.

stay on track

Now, when you launch Logos Cloud each day, you’ll be reminded of that day’s readings. Logos Cloud also provides helpful start and stop indicators in the Bible or book you’re reading so that you know where to begin and end.

Record deep biblical insights within the software

Stay focused on scripture by creating custom notes, highlights, or prayers within the software. If you use a Bible, notebook, and one or more commentaries during devotions, you’re going to love this.

When you come across text you want to highlight or comment on, use the Notes Tool to jot down thoughts, add cross-references, or make unique highlights just like you would in your traditional Bible.

Also, jot down prayer requests that come to mind and start a prayer list that shows up with your daily reading reminders.

Here’s how to make a comment, add a highlight, or create a prayer list:

Make a comment

To make a comment, start by creating a note file. Go to the Documents Folder and select “Notes” then give your note file a name.

Make a comment

Now, highlight the portion of text you want to comment on, right-click, and choose to “Add a Note.” Then enter your comments.

Add a Note

Create a highlight

To create a highlight, go to the Tools Menu and choose “Highlight.”

Create a highlight

Then select the portion of text and pick your preferred highlighting style on the left.

Create a highlight 2

Create a prayer list

To create a prayer list, go to the Documents Menu and select “Prayer List.”

Create a prayer list

Give your prayer list a name, add requests, and choose how often to pray.

Create a prayer list 2

Now, when you return to the homepage, any outstanding prayer requests will show up with daily reading reminders.

Share insights with your social community

Discover stunning Verse of the Day Art (like this) with Logos Cloud’s Visual Copy Tool.

To create stunning verse art from your reading, simply right click a verse, then select the reference from the right and choose visual copy.

A window will open that looks similar to this:

Share insights with your social community

Then, share it on your social media channels by clicking “Send to” in the upper left of your window.
Get the most out of your Logos Cloud subscription

Take daily devotions to a deeper level with Logos Cloud. It’s a unique one-stop Bible study shop that will help you to:

  • Stay on track with your unique devotional routine
  • Keep your notes and insights in one place
  • Be inspired with Verse of the Day art
  • Share deep biblical insights with your community

Already have a subscription, but interested in upgrading to another plan? Give us a call today at 800-210-6466 and we’ll help find the plan that’s right for you!

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